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Justin Herbert 2020 Leaf Draft Rookie Card #03 (Gem Mint 10)

Justin Herbert 2020 Leaf Draft Rookie Card #03 (Gem Mint 10)

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Elevate your sports card collection with the Justin Herbert 2020 Leaf Draft Rookie Card #11 (Gem Mint 10) from 1st Graded! This incredible card not only showcases one of the NFL's brightest young talents but also guarantees top-tier quality. Here's why you should add this card to your collection:

**Key Features:**

1. **Gem Mint 10 Grading by 1st Graded:** When you acquire a card graded by 1st Graded, you're investing in the highest standard of quality and authenticity. This Justin Herbert rookie card has earned the prestigious Gem Mint 10 grade, ensuring it's in immaculate condition.

2. **Justin Herbert 2020 Leaf Draft:** Capture the early moments of Justin Herbert's NFL journey with this rookie card. It's a must-have for collectors who want to be a part of his promising career from the beginning.

3. **Investment Potential:** As Justin Herbert continues to impress on the field, the value of this rookie card is poised to rise. It's not just a collectible; it's an investment in the future of sports memorabilia.

4. **Ideal for Display:** Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your card collection, this card is perfect for display in your collection or sports-themed space. Show your passion for the game with style.

5. **Unique Design:** The 2020 Leaf Draft design offers a unique and attractive aesthetic that will stand out in your collection and catch the eye of fellow collectors and enthusiasts.

6. **1st Graded Assurance:** With 1st Graded, you can be confident in the authenticity and quality of your sports card. Our grading ensures that you get the best.

7. **Limited Availability:** Justin Herbert's popularity is soaring, making rookie cards like this one increasingly rare. Don't wait too long to own this piece of NFL history.

In summary, the Justin Herbert 2020 Leaf Draft Rookie Card #03 (Gem Mint 10) is not just a card; it's a piece of NFL history. Graded by 1st Graded for quality assurance, it comes with the potential for future appreciation. Don't miss the opportunity to own this remarkable card. Add it to your collection today and be part of Justin Herbert's incredible journey in the NFL!
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