To continue to ensure our quick turnaround times and the quality of our finished product, our prices will be increasing slightly beginning on 10/1/2021.


Our current prices will continue to be honored through the end of September of 2021. Any submissions with the old form postmarked after October 1 of 2021 will be charged at the new rates, and shipped back at the most basic rate. 


Going forward, for our safety as well as our customers, any orders submitted without completed submission forms will be returned to the customer ungraded.


In this ever growing world of collectibles and memorabilia, we thank you for continuing to choose 1st Graded!

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Even though card grading is somewhat subjective and varies between grading companies, 1st graded adheres strictly to our own very specific grading criteria.  We guarantee an accurate grade and a fantastic finished product.  However, we do not guarantee a matching cross grade with another company.  Just as cards vary, so do individual graders, and we can't guarantee that those other guys will follow the same detailed grading criteria.


We maintain the highest standards of integrity and authenticity.  CUSTOM MADE CARDS, REPRINTS OR OTHER COUNTERFEIT CARDS will not be graded. They will be returned to you ungraded and not encased.  We will not grade anything other than authentic cards. 

We do not grade jersey cards at this time.


Turnaround Time:


Our current turnaround is less than 2 weeks from the day we receive them in most cases (fewer than 100 cards).


Grading Pricing:

Sports Cards

1-4 Cards - $15 each plus return shipping


5 or more cards - $12 each plus return shipping

Pokemon Cards

1-4 Cards - $20 each plus return shipping


5 or more cards - $15 each plus return shipping


We offer volume discounts on (100) or more at a time. $10 each


Ready to have cards graded?  

Download the instructions and submission form here